Scratch brush is one of the wire brushes which is not only used for industrial purpose but also used for personal applications. Scratch brushes are lightweight and are available in wide range of customisations like different fill materials, sizes, shapes, bristle diameter in length. Scratch brushes are offered with both plastic and wooden handles.

Brush Firm offers full line of hand held scratch brushes customized according to your brushing application. While ordering scratch brush, client has an option to choose from different styles of ergonomic handle.

Scratch brushes works ideally for number of applications like metal finishing, plating, removing dust, rust, Greece, paint and many more. when your brushing application is related to brushing on dirty, old, or corroded surfaces, Scratch brush will work perfectly for your brushing needs. If you want to work on surfaces which require aggressive brushing, then scratch brush with heavy duty bristle will work perfectly like steel wire brushes. It is mostly used for metal fabrication, but its use is not limited to this, it can also be used for rust and oxide removal, deburring, weld cleaning, surface preparation and finishing.

Natural hair scratch brushes are mostly used in electronic industry. Brush Firm provide a wide range of natural hair scratch brushed and ESD scratch brushes for various applications for example to safely clean PCBs and other electrical components. The ESD Safe Scratch Brush is designed to dust circuit boards and other static sensitive items wherever particles need to be safely removed. These specially designed brushes are ideal for cleaning delicate components, integrated circuits, and workspace surfaces. It can also be used to clean computer backplanes and motherboards.

Made in India, Brush Firm’s range of standard/stock scratch brushes are manufactured with exact specifications. If a brush exists, we have it, or if it doesn’t, we will make it!