Brush Firm can make the brush according to your needs, but the decision to choose best filament is totally depends on the analysis of your requirement.

  • On what surface is it going to be used
  • Will it be wet application or a dry application
  • How aggressive it is going to be used
  • Does the filaments need to get bend while application or is it should be positioned straight
  • What will be temperature while application

Brush Firm has created an interface within its website where you can answer these along with other questions to order your custom made brush fulfilling your brushing needs. While you go through the interface it will guide you and help you in determining the brush specifications like filament length, Diameter, raw material.

Natural hair is not good be in certain uses, where filament need to be stiff because natural hair absorbs a lot of moisture. Stiffness of natural hair will get reduced with more absorption of moisture. therefore, it will not work well in sticky and wet applications. On the other hand, polypropylene brushes retain their stiffness even under water.

Every brush has different purpose to serve, and based on the purpose, a specific filament is used in the brush, which comes in variety of diameters. This is called filament diameter. The filament diameter is mainly measured through micrometre. The filament diameter can range from 0.003-0.05 inch

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