Increase your brush life with the following steps

When you are done with ordering the right kind of brush as per your requirement and it has arrived at your workstation. There are few simple things which should be taken care at the time storing them. If proper care is given when the brush is not in use. You can increase your brush longevity and potential.

  1. Temperature and Moisture: brushes should be stored in a cool dark and dry place as moisture can make a negative impact on metal brush filaments. Direct sunlight and heat can also dry out the bristles of natural-hair brushes. Brushes should not be left out in open, as it will affect in degradation of the brush bristles from ultraviolet rays.
  2. Keep Packed: the packaging of the brush will let the brush to remain flat. Therefore, the brush should be taken be taken out from the packaging at the time of utilisation and keep it back after the use. This will prevent brush from being damaged.
  3. Avoid damage of bristles: storage should be done with great care. Heavy load should not be put on the packages of brush as it will bend filaments, which will make brush application different.
  4. Care while unboxing: A brush should be taken out from the top rather than from middle because sometimes while unboxing if a brush is seated next to other, the filaments of one brush can get entangled with another and it can bend the filaments, therefore, while unboxing it should be taken care of.

If you are not sure which brush is best fit for your need, we are always available for your help in determining the best brush for your work application.
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