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About Wheel Brush

Wheel Brush is one of the members of power brush family that are mainly used for deburring. It is also used for surface finishing, edge blending, polishing, cleaning of paint, scale, rust and many more. For performing perfectly on all these jobs of wheel brushes, Brush Firm crimped wire wheel brushes are manufactured with various brush filaments like carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, soft and hard crimped brass wire Galvanised iron wire, Abrasive Nylon, Nylon, Synthetic, Tampico and horsehair. Brush Firm manufactures wide range of wheel brushes ranging from large wide face wheel brushes to small diameter copper centre wheel brushes. Our copper centre wheel brushes carry high density bristle fill to provide better efficiency and long lasting results.

Our twist knot wheel brushes are made with straight wire that are twisted in three different ways that are cable twist, stringer bead, 2/3 twist). Twisted knot wheel brush allows aggressive brushing application, extra cleaning and cutting power and longer life of the brush. Size and shape of Arbor bole can be made available according to the specification provided by the client. It can have wide face, copper centre, keyway and many more options to choose from.