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About Spiral/Twisted in Wire Brush

Brush Firm is committed to provide wide range of quality based custom designed Twisted-in Wire Brushes that consists of versatility in brush size and filament of this brush category. Twisted in wire brush manufacturing provides this brush, the dynamics to use this brush for handheld, rill presses, power drill as well as for CNC machines. Brush Firm has various twisted in wire brushes to choose from. Whether that is wire tube brush, micro tube brush, condenser tube brush, Flue Brush. We offer everything that can perfectly fit to your brushing application. Brush Firm is the largest Indian exporter and manufacturer of twisted in wire brushes used in various industries globally.

Twisted in wire brushes are also known as tube brushes, spiral brushes, bottle brushes. Brush Firm’s Twisted in wire brushes are available to order with customised features like wire-loop handles, screw on threaded pipe nipples, grip handle, short or long ended handle, or with end ring. The end of twisted in wire brush can also vary according to the application, it includes filed tips, cut tips, rounded tips. We manufacture twisted in wire brush with wide variety of fill materials consisting of wire, synthetic, Natural Bristle, Abrasive Nylon.