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    General Questions

    What is the location of your store?

    The manufacturing facilities of Brush Firm are in Delhi, India, but we sell and ship our custom made brushes globally.

    What are the types of brushes that you manufacture?

    We are into the wire brush manufacturing industry from more than 25 years. When we started our business long back, our main product segments are wheel brushes, cup brushes and cylindrical brushes. Later, it was noticed that there is a lot of market potential and requirement of custom made and speciality brushes by industries, this led us to increase our product segments, fulfilling the needs of different industries from single brush order to high volume brush orders.

    Is there any difference between level(straight) filaments and crimped filaments?

    Crimped bristles are shaped in a way of wave and are also called as amplitude. Crimped wire brushes have more flexibility which makes them more suitable for uneven surfaces to obtain fine and regular finishing.

    Straight wire is mainly used for twist knot wire brushes as they provide vigorous brushing action. This property of straight wire makes it ideal for heavy deburring, weld cleaning and tasks that need severe, fast, and efficient cutting performance.

    How can we procure your custom made wire brushes?

    You can directly contact us through email or call and we will get back to you right there, at E-Mail: sales@brushfirm.com or Contact No.: +91-9910473074. You can also enquire for custom made wire brushes by visiting our custom brush page at our website. When you enquire us, we will provide a quotation for that specific wire brush, if that quotation is accepted, we will start production right away.

    What speed is most suitable for your wire brushes?

    Generally, it mostly depends on your brushing application, but the thumb rule is brush will last longer and will work better if you go as slow as possible fulfilling your requirements. It will also let your brush not wear out the filaments.

    How long your wire brushes will last?

    We are providing a wide range of wire brushes, where every product has a different brushing application. We can’t guarantee our brushes that it will last for a specific period of time because there may be chances that the brushes are applied to aggressive cleaning and brushing application which makes them wear out earlier. But, what ever your brushing requirements are, we guarantee that the brush we provide you will have the best materials and craftsmanship from our Brush Firm brush manufacturing experts.

    What are your shipping charges?

    For our international clients, all are brushes are shipped from Rohini, New Delhi, India. Shipping prices may vary based on the location, weight, and dimensions of the order. Based on buyer’s preference, Buyer can provide their own carrier also.

    What distribution channel is used by your company; do you have any distributors?

    Currently, we don’t have any distributor and all our brushes are directly sold and shipped from our Brush Firm manufacturing facility in Delhi, India

    Is there any minimum quantity requirement at the time of ordering of ordering brush?

    No, there is no minimum quantity requirement, we accept single brush order to high volume order, but at times, there are some brushes which must be packed in boxes and cannot be split.

    What is the lead time to manufacture my specified brush?

    If we already have the item in our stock, then it can be shipped within 1-2 days. And if we have to manufacture brush as per your requirements, then it will take 2-3 weeks in production and then it will be shipped to your location.

    Why should I inspect my brush?

    The brush should be inspected regularly as the material got accumulated and the effectiveness of brush is directly related to the cleanliness of it.

    What should be the best suited size of flue brush?

    The head of the flue brush should be similar to the inside diameter of your flue for the best and effective cleaning. If the head of the flue brush is too small, it will not be effective and if it is too large, it can damage the rivets and joins of your flue.

    Do you need help in finding out which brush must be suitable for your brushing application? Are you not sure about the right material or diameter of brush for your brushing requirement? Or want to know more about our manufacturing capabilities?

    Just give us a call, no matter what question, our customer service representative will answer all your question.