End Brush

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About End Brush

When there is a constraint of space while brushing application, then end brush is one of the power brushes you need. End brush consists of a ¼” shank that can easily be connected to die grinders and power drills. End brushes are primarily used with hand-held high speed tool. Suggested applications include polishing dies, molds and tools, cleaning castings, paints and rust, spot facing, weld cleaning and many more. Brush Firm manufactures a variety of abrasive and end brushes that includes knotted, solid, abrasive, and flared end brushes.

Solid end brush is the perfect solution if your brushing needs require weld cleaning, paint removal, deburring, as it provides less aggressive action with more flexibility in the wires and if your brushing application requires aggressive action than twist knot end brush will work without any limitation as they have sturdier construction and can do aggressive cleaning better than solid end brushes. They can do brushing application in a more targeted way than cup brushes and wheel brushes. The available brush filaments include carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, brass wire, abrasive filament.