If you are looking for an industrial brush for a new application at your workplace or want to replace an existing brush from your machinery, you have come to the right place, Brush Firm offers a wide range of brushes to provide solutions for different applications.

You can count Brush Firm as the leading manufacturer and exporter that offers top of the line industrial brushes with quality above and beyond your expectations and not only this, but it will also fit into your brushing application seamlessly. Although, in the industrial brush manufacturing industry, manufacturing mechanics and processes has not changed much from the last few years, but Brush Firm is doing its best in keeping itself updated by installing technology driven machinery for making precise brushes.

It is the priority of Brush Firm to keep the deliveries as short as possible, keeping in mind and focussing on the quality of your required brush. We work with a philosophy at Brush Firm to make best in the class brushes even when we are asked to make custom made brush that fits the customers brushing application. This made us leader in the industry and gives our customers a reason to come back with a repurchase intention from us and building brand loyalty.

The predecessor of Brush Firm has started as a small family owned company, and currently the second generation is operating and making it a successful company. Our brushes are used in a variety of industries because of the fact that we provide flexibility and ability to our clients to provide custom designs for their specific applications. Out of various industries we serve, some of them are food processing and pharmaceutical industry. our superior construction and packaging processes results in suppling and exporting super clean brush to these industries fulfilling the high standards over and above that are required in the industry.

We at Brush Firm are proud of ourselves that we can cater number of applications and industries through our wide range of brush products. we have been offering top of the line quality products from last 25 years and continue this tradition in our everyday operations. we are also proud by contributing in ‘Make in India’ initiative by the Indian Government. This enables us to have good control over quality, availability and best in market prices of our product.

When we first opened our doors to the customers, we started with a philosophy that ‘customer is the king’. We strive to execute this philosophy on ground in every task at our workplace. We are committed to quality standards which helped us in making long term relationship with our customers. No matter your application or from which industry you belong, Brush Firm is capable of providing a best fit solution for your needs. Some of our major markets include, metal finishing, food processing, conveyor cleaning, printing, textile, pharmaceutical, agriculture, automotive and many others. We encourage you to visit our application page.

One of the factors that set Brush Firm apart and above from its competition is the time and commitment we put in designing the quality brush for you. From our experience and learning that how our clients use brushes we can divide the application of brush into 6 categories, applying, finishing, polishing, removing, scrubbing, and spreading. For each application different type of brush is used that consists of different bristle arrangement, brush winding, bristle density. The brush design page provides a very simplified approach that you can use as a starting point to understand what you need based on your brushing application. In addition to these options, you can choose which type of core design works best for you. Whether you are looking for a solid shaft design or internal bearing design, Brush Firm manufactures core designs that meet your needs and unique requirements, providing you with the best brush solution for your application. For the last several years, Brush Firm has been working hard to provide quality brush our customers through our state of the art technology and innovative approach. Contact Brush Firm today, if you are in a need of finest and high quality brushes for your business.