Brush Firm is a leading brush manufacturing company in India. Our main markets are USA and middle east countries. Brush Firm allows its customers to have freedom in designing brush on their own. There are a lot of options in the industrial brush market. But when you find traditional brush will not fulfil your brushing needs. Then Brush Firm plays an important role in providing quality and affordable brushing solutions.

  1. Custom designed Brush: The way of business followed by Brush Firm provides an ability to its customers to design brushes which are customized on every aspect for the industrial needs, it includes base material, bristle filament, diameter, length, density, stiffness, and coarseness etc. resulting in the exact brush for the customer’s industrial needs.
  2. Attention to detail: We give attention to each and every detail while taking orders from our customer and customise our machinery and processes to manufacture brushes accurate to your needs.
  3. Quality and Affordability: We are proud of our made in India brushes. The main characteristics of brushes are best quality and affordable prices. Brush Firm use high quality materials that resist harsh chemicals and extreme chemicals to offer best quality brushes at affordable prices.

Brush Firm always learn and make processes perfect

One of the core values of Brush Firm is Improvement, we always learn from the market and make processes better resulting in a better products and relationship with our customers. We improve ourselves and our brush manufacturing processes on each day-from taking customer orders, fulfilling our raw material suppliers to reducing the delivery time, and more!

We are always open to listen and proactively work on feedbacks and suggestions we get from our customers and employees respectively. Brush Firm is a technology driven company; therefore, we keep our processes updated by implementing new machinery and technologies in the workstation to make brushes accurate and defect free.

Brush Firm is Responsive to its customers suppliers and its employees

The second core value of Brush Firm is being responsive. We are always one step ahead in creating a valuable relationship with our customers, suppliers and all the stakeholders. We create successful and positive relation by interacting with them proactively with zeal and enthusiasm. This is the way we shape our business. Whenever our customers have any question on a brush or need a quick quotation, we respond to them quickly and respectfully. We Strive to meet customer satisfaction and expectation in every aspect of business from brush quality to delivery timeline, and it all starts from responsive communication.